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Window joinery Rduch-Borek


Window joinery Rduch-Borek

For customers with special needs and in areas where the projects are realized with modern buildings, we can offer a wide range of sliding systems for windows and doors. These innovative solutions allow you to do the woodwork with a very large area of aperture of the moving parts, resulting in a large open space. The precise mechanisms for easy and silent way set in motion the moving parts, although the context of having a large size and often are additionally loaded package of safety glass.
Robust construction with glued laminated timber gives a feeling of great stability and a robust implementation of the woodwork.


Making roofs made of glued wood

Mosquito nets in various systems

Metalworking - balustrades

Roofing elements


Windows for years!

We offer you modern energy-saving wooden windows with a profile of 92 | Triple glazing | k=0.4/0.5
Perfect for passive houses.


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