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Wooden windows Rduch-Borek

Wooden windows

Wooden windows Rduch-Borek Window joinery Rduch-Borek

Elegance and perfection in workmanship

The wooden windows we offer meet three fundamental requirements that are demanded from the similar products: they provide the most effective insulation, guarantee safety and let us keep calm atmosphere. Creating our windows we combine best-quality wood with sublime technology. Processes used in the production like thermal processing, layered stucking and impregnation make that the wood is extremaly durable.

A unique character of wood

Apart from the domestic species of wood we also use the wood from outside Europe in order to meet every wishes of our customers. The mahogany family of wood that are used in the production of our windows usually come from Indonesia and Brazil. All materials are characterized by hardness and very good static durability what in combination with an appropriate varnish gives interesting and unique sufrace drawing. Together with modern window fittings gives us the product that perfectly meets the requirements of everyday usage and long-standing durability.

Modern technology of painting

In order to increase the natural characteristics of wood we put on its sufrace a special layer of a protective glaze. We use an innovative hydrodynamic method that allows us to protect wood, retaining its diffusive characteristics. As the result our window frames have optimal structure of surface and are avaiable in wide range of colour shades.

Solid experiance and perfection guarantee

Each of our products comply with the requirements of standards applying in today`s building industry. All our windows are technically accepted by the Institute for Building Technology what is a great guarantee of their best-quality.

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Windows for years!

We offer you modern energy-saving wooden windows with a profile of 92 | Triple glazing | k=0.4/0.5
Perfect for passive houses.


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