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Wood-aluminum windows

Energy- Saving Windows

Wood-aluminum windows

Innovative passive wooden windows made by Rduch&Borek company

Stolarka Okienna Rduch-Borek

Heat that attracts

Energy-efficient passive windows with a section of 92 mm or 110 mm with an aluminium cladding are our own production. They are distinguished by high thermal insulation that allows to lower the cost of heating in the house. They are a perfect investment before classifing a building to the energy class – they make it higher and as the result they raise the value of property, additionally, they comply with the current requirements of ecology.

Additionally, the usage in our passive windows bigger sections gives the opportunity for building double glazed windows what gives better thermal and acustic insulation. The windows with triple gaskets together with double insert filled with krypton gives (UW=0,4 W/m2K) the heat transfer coefficient for the whole that is UW=0,58 W/m2. Passive windows of our production combine hight light tramsmission and natural daylight with the quality in workmanship and aesthetic qualities.

The secret of branded windows

The passie windows made of exclusive mahogany wood emphasise the style of every rooom. They are suitable for both - modern and traditional buildings.

Multi-aged wood

The technology we use combined with great experiance make that our passive windows can be used for decades. From the practical reasons we put special emphasis on a very easy way of maintenance and woodcare.

What are the distinctive features of Rduch & Borek passive windows?

  • Minimalisation of heating costs (real savings on heating )
  • Low heat transfer coefficient
  • Long-standing time of usage
  • Higher acustic insulation
  • Easy way of maintenance and woodcare

Why Rduch&Borek passie windows are worth buying?

  • Provide real savings and raise the value of the property
  • Solid workmanship, functionality and reliability
  • Made of natural wood
  • Special aesthetic qualities of the windows


Making roofs made of glued wood

Mosquito nets in various systems

Metalworking - balustrades

Roofing elements


Windows for years!

We offer you modern energy-saving wooden windows with a profile of 92 | Triple glazing | k=0.4/0.5
Perfect for passive houses.


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